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Hi, I’m Georgia, lover of all things, especially Yoga!

Growing up, I loved the performing arts. Acting, dancing and performing on stage was where you would find me. This was where I felt most at home and in my own skin. Unsurprisingly, however, during my turbulent teenage years I abandoned all the things that had held meaning for me and severed connections with my self and the people who knew and loved me. I felt out of control and completely out of my body.

In the years to follow, as I settled and gained perspective, I realised that those tumultuous years during which I made mistakes and poor life choices were actually a necessary part of growing up.  Those difficult life experiences helped to shape me and ultimately led me to yoga.

I feel humbled and eternally grateful to my family, friends, teachers and the people I connect with on a daily basis, who have offered me support and guidance on this journey towards self-discovery. Namaste.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

- Joseph Campbell

Georgia has a background in dance and a passion for creative expression in the form of movement.  Inspired by her sister’s yoga practice, she was initially self-taught before attending her first group class at Yoga Synergy in Sydney.  While participating in regular classes she continued to develop her own independent practice and was encouraged by her teachers to apprentice under the guidance of Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier.

Georgia completed her initial training with Yoga Synergy and continues to study, practice and teach Yoga with sincerity, light heartedness and a sprinkle of humour.



Shontelle is a qualified 350hr Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Australia. Shontelle completed her studies with My Health Yoga and has also gained certification in Kids Yoga, Postnatal and Mum’s n Bub's. Shontelle practices yoga because it helps her honour who she is. It's not about flexibility or how long you can hold a handstand. It's about discovering and connecting to your personal truth. Shontelle's passion is to share yoga with as many people, from different backgrounds, ages and abilities.  Each age group can gain what they need from yoga through gentle movement or meditation. Shontelle likes to think of her classes as moving meditations.

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Jaz is a regular wanderer, adventure chaser, lover of dance and Kirtan. 

Jazmine found yoga during the turbulence of her teenage years, in which she was filled with depression and anxiety.  Through her practice, she found her way back to herself, picking up the broken pieces. Immediately she knew that she wanted to help guide others home to themselves and help create a space for her students to honour who they are and where they are at in their life.

After years of dedicated practice, Jazmine journeyed to India where she trained in Hatha yoga at Tattvaa Yoga Shala. She has an ongoing thirst for expanding her knowledge and understanding of yoga and considers herself as primarily a student and is grateful for her teachers.

Jazmine’s warm, playful, funny and passionate nature is ever-present in her classes as she provides a fun and challenging environment. She draws inspiration from yogic philosophy, skillfully weaving in alignment, meditation and breath with creative sequencing. She encourages students to move beyond their perceived limitations, expect an invitation to delve inward and explore the layers of the self through connected movement. 



Marian first discovered Yoga while training and performing as a Dancer, but it wasn’t until many…many years later after moving to Wollongong with 3 kids in tow and finding her way to Steve and Nadine’s classes at Vinyasa that her passion for yoga grew and translated into a practice that would not only rekindle her love for movement and flow but also help her create real change in all areas of her life… Reconnecting and falling in love with the enquiry and grounding that yoga brings.

Having been a teacher most of her life, Marian was drawn to study and completed her first 200HR TT with Creature Yoga in 2017 and from there her journey continues. Loving any opportunity to soak up the teachings of Yoga, Marian is currently on the pathway of completing her 500hr TT with Creature Yoga.

Her other field of interest is in combing her experience and study of Yoga and Movement with other healing modalities such as Reiki and Aromatherapy. Alongside her husband Marian is also a Co-Director of Movelife, a company that educates and promotes wellbeing, optimal performance & team building across many large corporate organisations

Marian likes to lead an invigorating and encouraging yoga practice for everybody with a strong focus on connection with breath, expansion of movement and flow as expression.

Her passion is to simply see everyone she works with empowered to live their best life in the healthiest and most authentic way, connecting, moving, creating and honouring themselves from the inside- out!

When Marian is not focused on balancing her very busy home life with three beautiful boys, she can be found creating opportunities to travel, renovate and chase the sun.



Tayla first found yoga during her university degree when her counsellor suggested she try a yoga class to see if it would help manage her levels of stress and anxiety. After that first yoga class she had found a tool to help her learn to live life in a new way every single day. It was the beginning of eternal growth and seeing challenging circumstances as light. 

Tayla later ventured to the birth place of yoga - India, in 2017, to complete her teacher training and since then, she has shared and spread her love of yoga. She is most passionate about awakening love in all beings and changing the way we interact in our forever busy world. She believes in the importance of creating presence, kindness and purpose with in our interactions. Tayla tries to live her life by the eight limbs of yoga each day and looks forward to sharing this knowledge with fellow lovers of yoga. 



In 2013 I nervously walked up the stairs of the local gym to my first yoga class. I can still remember the music pumping from the floor below and weights crashing while I lost myself in the movement.

As the years progressed, so did my class attendance. At one point being asked if I was living at a studio because I was always there. It was around this time I realised I found the lifestyle I wanted to pursue and decided to take it further, becoming a teacher, then continuing to grow and share my experience with everybody.

I love all expressions of creativity (dabbling in music, art, design and building) and find ways to incorporate this into my classes.


Renee began her voyage into yoga in early High School when she opted for a Hatha Class for school sport to avoid doing any real exercise. While her intention was inspired by her apathetic teenager-ness, laying in savasana on the prickly carpet of the demountable classroom stirred something in Renee she could have never had anticipated - a great, big love for deep calm.

Yoga for Renee became the ‘still point of the turning world’, a place in which she could traverse the stress of everyday existence. This appreciation for quietude led her to further explore and adopt meditation and mindfulness techniques as part of her everyday ritual, an integral component in her classes today.

Renee's teaching structure embodies the idea of yoga as a ‘meditation in motion’. Drawing on her studies in Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy, students are guided to dive deep into present moment awareness with gentle, flowing movements and longer-held postures married with the breath. Classes are an exploration in what it means to truly slow down, moving past the attainment of physical postures into a sense of ease that permeates life beyond the mat.