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Restorative Movement Workshop

  • Love Yoga Shellharbour Shop 5 32 Addison street Shellharbour Australia (map)

For desk-bound, tradies, sports/gym lovers and anyone who likes to explore new ways of moving.

A meditative dynamic flow practice, based on Yoga Synergy and QiGong principles with Jorge Invernon. This workshop will help you create more freedom in your body, encourage blood circulation whilst gently releasing the spine, back and hips without overstraining or stretching, also massage internal organs (with movement) and build your internal energy.

About the facilitator:

Jorge Invernon is the founder of MoveMe Flow – inspired by practices and techniques that help restore vitality & mobility to the body.

Jorge has been practicing for a few years, he is a tradie and a sports person but the repetitive high impact nature of his work and activities left him feeling burned out and with physical imbalances that led him to chronic injures by his 30s. He had to pause and re-think how he was living his life. He found yoga, bodywork and other somatic disciplines which helped him restore his body, opening him more to feeling, flow, strength and energy. A much more sustainable way to live. There’s no need to burn the candle on both ends.

My Journey

From burn out & injury back to health.

I was a painter/decorator by trade before starting my yoga & massage therapy practices. I had a successful business with a busy work schedule, topped by my innate passion for sports – playing competitive soccer, mountain biking, surfing ,gym, boxing, etc… all very good but all high intensity for my body.  I was obliviously working myself physically and mentally into the ground. 

The ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle led me to develop chronic pain, with a neck injury that started in my late 30s i flared while surfing. In my journey back to health i met an amazing osteopath who opened my eyes to all the imbalances I was creating for myself: tight chest, hips, and back  and an out-of-balance digestive system from poor diet were some of the main culprits.

It was time to do things differently, and I knew I needed to start ‘moving’ rather than ‘pushing’, ‘restoring’ instead of ‘depleting’ – and I found my love for yoga, bodyworks massage, meditation and somatic movement.

Unlike the main yoga styles I tried in the past, Yoga Synergy had the Traditional Hatha Yoga and physiotherapy background – a yoga practice for the modern body, working with alignment, nerve lengthing and extending postures, stimulating the digestive system, moving from the core without over-breathing, tensing or over-stretching (which can often happen may lead to injuries). Yoga Synergy is a safe practice that helps yourestore movement in your spine and body, connecting to your core - your centre of power.

I also trained in Qi Gong with Master Yang Mian ofCalligraphy Health. Qi Gong focuses on moving fluidly from the energeticcore (dantian), building and moving our internal energy to create a sense of groundedness and deep flow state. (more on chi gong in under offerings)



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