Finding a practice to suit you

Your Yoga practice starts with listening to your body.  Over time you will develop the necessary skills required to modify the practice to suit your needs each time you step on the mat. This may vary on a day-to-day basis.

 All Love Yoga Vinyasa classes are a delicious blend of mindful-movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation. Classes are offered at varying levels of intensity, as a way of making the practice accessible to all. No matter what level of experience you have, you can choose between a dynamic, flowing practice or something slower with more time for deep rest and relaxation. A balance of both is key to staying consistent with your practice.


vinyasa BASICS

Discover, learn, refine; a place to start or to start anew.  Step-by-step break down of key postures (asana) and fluid movements, with an emphasis on breath awareness and safe alignment/technique.  A class for anyone who wants to concentrate on the foundations of Vinyasa Yoga, no prior yoga experience required.  Beginners, we recommend starting your yoga journey here.

vinyasa OPEN

Explore and experience power, grace, strength and stability.  Emphasis on slow progressions, from simple to more challenging postures & transitional movements.  Learn to adjust the intensity of your practice, as required, whilst staying in rhythm with the class energy and flow.  Suitable for those who enjoy a dynamic, fluid & mindful practice.  Vinyasa Beginners or some previous yoga experience is recommended. However, if you are an absolute beginner with an open mind, you are welcome to join! Modifications are offered at each stage and simple progressions for those who feel like a challenge on the day.

vinyasa int/adv

A nuanced inquiry into the more subtle aspects of practice. Experienced practitioners can expect slow, fluid sequencing, as we delve deeper into understanding more complex and challenging variations of postures and transitional movements. Explore bandha, pranayama and meditation in detail.  More than one year of yoga practice recommended.

The ultimate flow experience.  Move your body, feel the breath, and enter the flow-state with Love Yoga Vinyasa, rhythm, music and breath.  This class moves at a slow/steady pace, with simple and minimal alignment cueing.  The focus of this class is letting go and having fun!  A class for everyone, some experience in Love Vinyasa is encouraged.


Calm the mind and soothe the soul.  A gently energising and deeply nourishing practice.  Savour and explore the finer details of soft, fluid movement and grounding postures (asana) with grace and ease.  Build gentle strength, increase circulation and improve mobility. This class is suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. Especially suited to those who like to take a more nurturing approach to their practice or are looking to balance out a busy lifestyle/dynamic practice.

gentle flow

Sweet surrender. A quiet, soothing and deeply nourishing practice, incorporating long-held, floor-based postures & gentle stretches.  By focusing on the deeper β€œyin” connective tissues, we can increase circulation in the joints, improve flexibility and dissolve any stored up mental and/or physical tension.  Relax, let go, and allow your whole body to melt. Everyone welcome, no previous yoga experience necessary.


Less is more. Experience a deep state of rest and relaxation, utilising props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc) in full support of the body.  Enjoy supported, floor-based postures (asana) for several minutes at a time, along with guided breath awareness.  Pure bliss. A class for everyone; come as you are.